1. Remember

From the recording Remember

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When I will see your smile around
The sun will shine here on the ground
If we could be here together
Our memories will last forever
Until that time, flows

If we could be here forever,
Our spirits will remain serene
Distance, separates us in between,
Mountains, sea, air and wherever
The zephyr blows, the rivulet flows by our side
Winter comes, the snowflakes drop on the tide
Ah, time is our wish, that what we want, hear!

The wind, is blowing by
our side, our friendship will
Out, last, an, eternity, let's be free
Feel the glee, joy, and happiness
We would like to

The sky, is soaring now,
Up high, those memories will
Last for-e-ver we will
Find our pleasure
Feel the weather, whether it is nice, smell the
scent of nature